April 12th

Happy Final Space Friday! So where are we? Currently Daz is inking Part Two. I'm received the test for the third inkier (Looks good!) and got a meeting on the books for a letterer. Things are starting to pick up steam! Noah, Daz and Val are all killing it. I'm adding some new pages from Part Two a new colored page. On the boring side I've beginning to plan packaging and the safest way to ensure these get to you all. I've have more on this soon. I'm thinking a bubble mailer and then putting it in a box as well, so I'm going to actually test a few different ways. Again boring. I will say this the window to pre-order is growing smaller, I'm going to continue to leave it up there as long as possible but once we finish that's it.


There will be no available copies unless a get another license to release more (which is possible) :) Just a little soft warning. -Olan PRE-ORDER THE NOVEL: finalspaceends.com

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