Frequently asked questions

What does Pre-Order mean?

It means you have reserved a copy of this graphic novel and when it's done in late 2024 you will be mailed a signed copy.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can cancel your order. Please CONTACT US. Be sure to include your order number in the email.

What if I move between now and when the graphic novel ships in 2024?

Once we get closer to being ready to ship them out, we plan to reach out to everyone and confirm their shipping address.  We can also update the shipping address at any time before the novel ships, so if you move plan to move or have access to an address that you know will be more permanent, we can also change it to that at any time.


Does the gift card guarantee a copy of the graphic novel?

Purchasing a gift card only guarantees you will receive a gift card. However, to ensure a copy of the novel, the gift card must be used to buy a graphic novel. Only an order for the graphic novel will guarantee a graphic novel.

Will I have to pay for shipping with the gift card when using it to purchase a graphic novel?

Yes, the gift card only covers the price of the graphic novel at $125.00 USD. It does not cover shipping costs. Please note exchange rate may cause there to be an additional balance.

If I ordered a graphic novel, would I receive a gift card?

No, these gift cards were created as a separate item to be used for gifting the 125.00 USD value to a Final Space fan in your life. If you solely want one for a collector's item. Go for it but they will cost 125.00 USD.

How do I pay in installments with Shop Pay?
  • Select Shop Pay when at cart.
  • Be sure to select Pay with installments.
  • Please note installment plans are subject to credit approval.
  • Once approved you will be prompted to select which payment plan you would like.
  • Only US customers are eligible

Here is all the information you need to know about Shop Pay.

Will I be charged immediately or when the novel ships.

When you place an order your account will be charged immediately.

Will there be a digital copy?

Olan legally can not sell a digital copy due to a strict licensing agreement with the network.

Will the novel be available in multiple languages?

Unfortunately, without a publisher, we cannot offer the novel in multiple translations at this time.

Why is shipping so expensive?!?!

First, please do not send angry emails about shipping costs. You will receive a swift and brutal response. We are tired of receiving these. Do not send them.

Due to the nature of the licensing agreement restricting Olan to self-publishing, this is limiting our distribution opportunities. We are neither a massive corporation with a network of global distribution centers nor able to lobby these shipping carriers to offer discounted shipping rates. The rates you see are what we will have to pay to generate the shipping label to ship the novel to your location from our shop in Madison, TN, USA.

Will all the copies be signed?

That's the plan. (insert nervous laugh) Olan will sign all the graphic novels. However, due to the nature of volume sold there will not be any personalized messages.

I emailed customer service but have not hear back. Should I email again?

For the love of chookity pok! please do not email multiple times! This is what is slowing down our response time.

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