Yes, please email us your order number, and we can add the new item and invoice you for the difference.


Due to the high volume, we are not bundling two separate orders. It would be impossible to manage.

We can add the new novel to your original order. Have you paid for the difference and canceled/refunded the new order you placed.

This means you have paid and reserved a copy of this graphic novel. When it's completed in LATE 2024, at the earliest, you will be mailed a signed copy.

YES. Your card will be charge immediately.

Yes you can cancel your order. Please CONTACT US. Be sure to include your order number in the email.

If your address changes before shipping begins, contact us via the contact page. Make sure to provide your order number and new address. We can only update the address manually on our end.

We will also post on social media when the final date is to change your address. So make sure you are staying tuned to @finalspace or on the Updates section of the website.

We are sending direct-to-customer emails once these items are closer to their ship date. (which could be late 2024 early 2025)

Please refer to the UPDATES part of the website. Olan is posting every single Friday.

Does the gift card guarantee a copy of the graphic novel?

Purchasing a gift card only guarantees you will receive a gift card. To ensure a copy of the novel, the gift card must be used to buy a graphic novel. Only an order for the graphic novel will guarantee a graphic novel.

Will I have to pay for shipping with the gift card when using it to purchase a graphic novel?

Yes, the gift card only covers the price of the graphic novel at $125.00 USD. It does not cover shipping costs. Please note exchange rate may cause there to be an additional balance.

If I ordered a graphic novel, would I receive a gift card?

No, these gift cards were created as a separate item to be used for gifting the 125.00 USD value to a Final Space fan in your life. If you solely want one for a collector's item. Go for it but they will cost 125.00 USD.

Are the gift cards available to ship outside the US?

The gift cards are available to US customers ONLY. After receiving several complaints from international customers regarding having to pay taxes & duties, we chose to offer these to customers outside the US no longer.

Gift card refunds.

If your gift card shipped and arrived, there are no refunds, no matter what, no exceptions.

Yes, the novel will include a recap of Seasons 1-3. You can see a lot of this artwork already completed in the Updates

Olan legally can not sell a digital copy due to a strict licensing agreement with the network.

Unfortunately, without a publisher, we cannot offer the novel in multiple translations at this time.

First, please do not send angry emails about shipping costs. You will receive a swift and brutal response. We are tired of receiving these. Do not send them.

Due to the nature of the licensing agreement restricting Olan to self-publishing, this is limiting our distribution opportunities. We are neither a massive corporation with a network of global distribution centers nor able to lobby these shipping carriers to offer discounted shipping rates. The rates you see are what we will have to pay to generate the shipping label to ship the novel to your location from our shop in Madison, TN, USA.

That's the plan. (insert nervous laugh) Olan will sign all the graphic novels. However, due to the nature of volume sold there will not be any personalized messages.

Install payment plans are available to US customers ONLY through ShopPay. This is a 3rd party app. We do not determine if you qualify for this. Please refer to ShopPay at checkout to see if you qualify. AGAIN WE ARE NOT A LENDER! We do not control if you are approved or not.

For the love of chookity pok! please do not email multiple times! This is what is slowing down our response time.

Customers outside the United States are responsible for ALL import taxes and fees.

We will be reporting all items & values truthfully on customs form. We will not ship you the item as a "gift" so you can avoid import taxes and fees. (because that is illegal!)

**We do not have any control over the receiving countries' import policies, taxes, payments, fees, etc.

If a delivery is refused due to import taxes, a refund will not be issued until the returned package arrives at our facility. In addition, there is no refund for the shipping cost.

*Any belligerent and mean emails regarding paying import taxes will be immediately ignored, and you will surrender your right to a refund. BE NICE, OR NO ONE WILL ASSIST YOU!

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Brunei Darussalam
  3. Central African Republic
  4. Cuba
  5. Gaza Strip
  6. Haiti
  7. Laos (accepting Priority Mail Express International only)
  8. Myanmar (accepting Priority Mail Express International only)
  9. Niue (accepting Priority Mail Express International only)
  10. Russian Federation
  11. Syrian Arab Republic
  12. Yemen
  13. Mexico
  14. Belarus
  15. Bhutan
  16. The Cook Islands
  17. East Timor
  18. Fiji
  19. Kiribati
  20. The Marshall Islands
  21. Palau
  22. Papua New Guinea
  23. The Solomon Islands
  24. Tonga
  25. Tuvalu
  26. Ukraine
  27. Vanuatu
  28. Wallis & Futuna
  29. Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae, Ponape, Yap, Truk)
  30. Isreal