April 19

Happy Final Space Friday! Lots to update. I'm trying to focus on certain aspects of this project so I don't get overwhelmed. There's so many moving pieces but the one thing that is constantly looking great is the art. Val is doing a great job on the coloring and soon will be moving on to Part 1. Daz
@daztibbles is blazing through Part 2 like a mad man! It's looking so good and I have to be careful with what new pages I share so I grabbed two without much lettering. However next week there will be some awesome pages to share in this Part 2. Part 2 is clocking in at 40 pages and not every Part/Charter will be 40 + pages some will for sure be shorter!
The Cold Opens Noah is doing are so heartbreaking and emotional, I was expecting to feel something from rough thumbs of them but wow. Maybe it the fact that this is the end or maybe it's finally saying goodbye to these characters that got to me. It will for sure sneak up on a few of you. Cold Opens are clocking in at 30 pages all together. With everything done so far were well over 200 pages. I hired a new inker that from her test really gave me such an expressive Little Cato that I'm going to put her on anything dealing with Ventrexians. I have a feeling about her and focusing on Ventrexians. So I'm going to have Daz pencil an entire chapter and then have her ink so she can get familiar with what were doing and then she'll be doing a chapter or two fully (fingers crossed) I hired a letterer that has done everything from DC to Marvel to graphic novels to everything. He was so cool and was so down to jump into this world with a bunch of people who have never made a graphic novel before. This is huge! We needed this so bad, I couldn't have this art ruined with bad lettering. So he'll be starting on the "previously ons". He can do about 60 pages in a week.
I'll save the boring stuff for last. Dudddde I'm so stressed at the moment. Why? Warner really made this as hard as humanly possible, I'm starting to see it more and more now the deeper I get into the weeds on everything. I wish this was just me focusing on creative but juggling everything in the production on a novel has been fun but overwhelming. I'm thankful for finding people and artists that wanted to help but this hasn't been easy. Honestly, this might be one of the hardest challenges I've ever done. All I want is to make a killer graphic novel for you all. I sincerely, appreciate all of your for supporting this project. Next, big project were doing without Warner haha Onwards! -Olan PRE-ORDER: finalspaceends.com

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