April 26

Happy Final Space Friday! Take a walk down memory lane with me... Everyone knows the struggles we had with Season 2 and I've gotten asked so many times if I would undue anything from that Season in the novel, the answer is no. I do not want to pull a George Lucas and try to undue things. Whether I like it or not that was the story we told during a terrible AT&T merger, not even Discovery that was later haha I instead wanted to lean into Season 2 and find the gems that were there to aid in the story I wanted to tell in the novel. I promise you there are gems in that Season. Truth be told I haven't watch Season 2 since it premiered, it's like visiting the scene of a crime for me. For me that's when the bright eyed dreamer Olan that envisioned going to Hollywood to his making stories died. I don't hold any grudges, don't have any ill will towards anybody that was just a tall glass full of life. That's how the diced rolled and that's that. So I really used that feeling in this scene. Surprisingly it really worked. I'm really happy with how Daz
inked these pages, you feel the the emotion bleed through the pages and using the touch points for Season 2 help make that happened.


So to you Season 2 (tips hats) where ever you are... I left the temp speech bubbles in, enjoy! PRE-ORDER: finalspaceends.com Olan

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