August 18

Happy Final Space Friday

I’m going keep this update a little short since my eye is messed up again. I know it’s a hearty soup of suck! Long story short I have corneal erosion of my right eye, a not-so-fun reoccurring problem caused by an abrasion I got a couple of months ago wrestling with forty-seven radioactive robot scorpion vipers that suspiciously looked like an outdoor rug. It sucks, and it’s super painful, and I’m going to need laser surgery to make this problem stop coming back hopefully.

Anyways, it’s Friday, and I wouldn’t dare miss our update day! I got a few more pages from the “Season One previously on” from @daztibbles I mean, we’re so close to finishing the Season One recap. After this, it’s just the battle for Earth, and then we’ll begin Season 2.

I am on the lookout for a potential concept artist to help come up with visual ideas for the Final Chapter. I’ll have more on this very soon! Anywho! Onwards, we’re making good progress! I’ll be healing over the next three to four days. Have a great weekend!


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