December 15th

Happy Final Space Friday!
So today is the day Final Space leaves Netflix. Thank you all for watching it over the years, it means the world to me. The story isn't over yet, we have the novel and we've archived all the story in the novel. As far as other updates, it's not as big since
@daztibbles is out for the holidays for a week or so and Val is about to start coloring S2. I was able to find a bunch of pages I don't think I shared yet. On the back end (the boring stuff) I'm going to start building out the shipping warehouse top of the year, that means ordering a dumpster and purging lots of stuff, while we assemble the shipping stations.
I've had a great call two days ago about a possible place to store all the novels while we figure out shipping. This is a huge step! I'll have lots more to show off in a couple weeks :)

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