February 2nd

Happy Final Space Friday! So, I got some killer pages to share today, a few S3 recap pages, and some test pages for the cold opens at the top of each chapter.
@daztibbles continues to amaze me!
Now, I'm going to avoid anything that is a big spoiler, so I will say the cold opens will be in black and white, and there is a story purpose for that. I won't tell you why, and I promise you, you won't guess why. This idea sparked from something Ben Bjelajac (Supervising Director on Final Space & Godspeed) pitched to me, and it opened up some big doors for the story. So I ran with it! What I also dig about this idea is it's going to be a nice contrast with the insanely colorful novel, and it's something I related to while writing it.
Gary in this darkness... When I was ripping a layer off my eye every month because of my recurrent corneal erosion, and I was forced to sit in a dark room alone for about three to four days because of the light sensitivity. I was in such a stupid amount of pain, just trying to heal. And when you sit in darkness, you get lost in your head. The absence of light is a monster. Now, instead of a countdown of when the cookies will be down like in S1, each cold open is Gary recording a goodbye to each member of the Team Squad. Why I'm telling you this? One, it's not a spoiler; in fact, I'm giving you a carrot with this so you don't look at the cake in my other hand haha What I adore about this idea is it's a chance for me to write my goodbyes to each character through Gary's voice. It also allows me to bring some fun back into this while ripping your heart out. It's a return to form. It will naturally get sadder with each cold open, just like Season 1, so buckle up! It's going to get crazy. The first pages will probably start coming in next week. -Olan PRE-ORDER: finalspaceends.com

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