Final Space Friday May 19th

Hey everyone! Update 4!

This was a slow week but an important one for setting crucial meetings for next week as I fly to Los Angeles. I did connect with Daz Tibbles for about an hour. He's in Australia, which I found to be cool because Final Space, the proof of concept which is on my Youtube channel, was animated in Australia by Studio Joho. It all began in Australia, and it looks like it will also end there.

Our conversation was a great one; he's in! I just have to figure out a rate for him because I'm going to buy about a year and a half of his time to work on this. He also sent more polished pages from Avocato's deal including on colored page.

Now as we were talking and we started to break down his speed and pace for each page, it has become even clearer that I need at least two teams to meet my timeline for the release.

I need to find another artist while I build a team around Daz; for Daz, I need to find a colorist for him, and I'm meeting up with one hopefully next week. And hopefully, I can get a few people to test for this.

Team 2, I'll have to build from the ground up.

I'm looking to get Daz started full-time, probably by the end of August; for now, he'll be part-time working on this "Previously On" as I figure out more logistics.

I hope to get answers to many of my questions by next week. So far, I'm very, very optimistic this is going to turn out to be really special just have to do my due diligence and surround the project with people who are passionate about this.

More soon!

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