Final Space Friday May 26th

Hey everybody! Final Space Friday is upon us once again! This week I flew out to LA to meet with someone that could potentially oversee the production of the graphic novel and facilitate the shipping side as well (this is huge, they have a warehouse in Portland.)

The meeting went very well; he brought about twenty of the best graphic novels he's made that ranged from hardback to softback to hardback with a slipcover! Emboss to deboss to UV Spotted gloss titles...the list goes on, and they looked great, they felt great! This is 100% a path I could take that would successfully produce a great high-quality graphic novel. I got general price breakdowns of everything and timelines! This is huge as I start to build a budget for everything. Now I've done a lot of business and know you don't take the first thing that comes around without talking to more people. So I'm going to do just that! My agent is setting up a few calls with a few people with decades of experience in the graphic novel space. The BIG thing with all of this is because of this pre-order, people/companies are taking this seriously! Without the pre-order, I would have laughed at, I even remember trying to get publishers back in the day to try and talk to Warner to do a Final Space graphic novel, and none of them had interest. I tried for years to even land an original graphic novel, and not one place would give me the time of day. Next week I'm setting up meetings with artists and looking to start buildings "Team One" and "Team Two." I already have a few leads, and I'm really excited to start locking people in. I just want to start writing so bad! I'm really hoping to start writing in June after I've locked in my team. Onwards!! Should have more art next week to show. O

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