Final Space Friday May 5th

Hey everyone!

Update 2! A lot has happened even in this short amount of time; first off, were nearing 19,000 copies pre-ordered. THAT IS INSANE!

Thank you for your support and belief in this Final Chapter.

Over the last week, while I've been in Canada, I've been on calls non-stop, building my creative team for the project. The most fruitful conversation was about finding a potential printing partner (not publishing, I would self-publish) to come in and open his company's contacts to this project. This huge! His company also has a facility in Portland that ships out thousands of graphic novels all the time. So the infrastructure could be in place already with this avenue for graphic novels; if it is, then the sky is the limit.

Now when things sound too good to be true, I always like to vett everything out, so I'm flying out to LA on May 22nd to meet up in person, see products his company has made, and a numbers proposal of the entire project. I would also like to see his Portland warehouse before I do anything.

I've also started to have Daz Tibbles (Our artist) begin to find our design language for each character but also recreating important moments from the series for the "Previously On," Like Avocato's death scene! What does that look like in a graphic novel? That's what I want to find out.
By next week we'll have our first peak at this!

Right now, I'm in planning mode. It may be the most boring part regarding updates, but buckle up when this thing starts to fly! It's going to be really exciting! I'll be documenting my trip to LA, and we should probably start writing by next month.


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