Final Space Friday May 12th

Week three! And another Final Space Friday is among us. So I got back a first test from Daz of a couple of pages; the goal was to see can you take a scene from the show and translate it into a graphic novel. I was shocked at how well he nailed the assignment and now have no doubt he's the man for the job, but also that this can translate to a different format. Now keep in mind this will all be in color!

I always believed it could work, but finally, seeing a couple of mock pages was such a cool experience; it was almost like rewatching that scene for the first time.

Also Daz making the explosion hole the head of Avocato (Chef kiss)

I fly out to LA on the 22nd; my meeting is officially set, and I'm excited to see the production proposal for the graphic novel. As I wait on that, I'm starting to write all the ideas I had for Season 4 down into a doc so I can use that as a starting point. I'm still working on international distribution and a slew of other things before I really dig into the creative. More soon!!


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