January 12th

Happy Final Space Friday! Got some new colored pages from Val. I'm REALLY HAPPY with how everything is looking!
I connected with @daztibbles and had a massive conversation about planning the Final Chapter and how to maximize our time management this year to hit our goal. Next step includes linking up Noah and Daz, the project's two artist to get on the same page with the book's style. Daz still has a few pages left on S3, the holidays hit right when he was about to finish. So he's going to take January to wrap this up. Andrew and Jake are starting the process of work up a score. So right now everyone is working towards that a common goal! There is a bunch more planning to do on my side as well as writing but I feel good about everything right now. I'm also revamping the website a bit finalspaceends.com so you'll see it change a bit as I start to find a site that allows me to do more. Anyways that's it for now, and as always more soon!

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