July 21st

Happy Final Space Friday!

This is a smaller update, as it's more of the same.
So pretty much have all the "Previously Ons" written for all three seasons; now it's mapping out how they will blend with the cutaway pages. I ran through what I was thinking for this with Daz, and he sent a few concepts of Kevin Van Newton terminal, and I instantly fell in love with the broken remains of a KVN. That is 100% Daz's idea, and the inner Gary in me giggled with delight seeing the scrapped remains of this insanity-avoidance companion.

We're still playing with the layout of how we want to splash or highlight certain characters as we discuss them. But I'm having a blast with this! I need to find a new colorist for Team 1, so hopefully, I will be meeting a few colorists next week, so until we find the right one, these posts will be black and white for a while. I'm attaching polished John Goodspeed death pages; ignore the lettering that will change.

More soon! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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