July 7th

Hey everyone! Happy Final Space Friday!
So got a couple more rough work-in-progress pages from Daz @daztibbles
It's the moment in episode 9 when the Earth is breaking apart from the breach, and Gary and Quinn become "hard-maybes" I always like this scene in the show, so I wanted to recapture it for this."Previously On"

Writing has begun on the "Previously On," and I want this to be as cheeky as the show "Previously Ons" I like the idea that there's a terminal of some kind on the Galaxy 2 that Kevin Van Newton has set up on the ship that has cataloged all these moments. I'm going to explore this route; it feels fun.

I'll have more to update as we get more pages, but I hope to get through Season 1 moments in the next three to four weeks and then start Season 2 and finish Season 3. So it might be a couple of months of the oldies before we get to the new stuff.

Feeling good about everything right now! Onwards!


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