June 16th

Hey everyone!
This week got a few updates for you.

Daz is officially in. We've agreed to a rate, and I will have my attorney draft a small deal for us. I've given him a list of scenes on Season 1 for the "previously on." We're just taking this time to capture the style but also build assets to test people for a second team.

On every page, he really is improving, and it's been a joy to recapture these scenes from a show in a new way.

The place that is going to be helping with manufacturing and fulfillment is in; just a few more details to iron out in a deal. This is huge because this will allow me to focus on the creative, knowing I have someone who can handle everything I don't know. I'll make an announcement when things are official.

I've begun writing, and for someone reason, my brain wanted to start and the end; this is how we typically always wrote for Final Space. We would know how each season ended and would lead the season to that point. I don't know if that is the right way or wrong way, but there are so many characters, and I'm trying to write down story points for each character that ends their story in a satisfying way.

I'm still in a bit of shock that I get to finish this. We'll start concept art into the new character designs, locations, and key scenes in a few months. I want to do concepts as I write so we can really speed up the process when it's really time to fly.

In the meantime, take a peek at a few more pages from the "previously on" that will be in the graphic novel right before all the new story for the final chapter. (We're fixing Gary a bit, he's looking a tad young)

More soon!

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