June 28th

Happy Final Space Friday (Sits back all watches the chaos unfold) Pencils by inking by

If there was a Season 4 there was going to be this pretty awesome trial for Avocato, we had it all mapped out however in a graphic novel there is no space for it, every page counts. And you start to find out how one written page quickly balloons into five inked pages. I’m also writing this novel like a movie, in fact once you smash all the pages together at the end it will literally be a feature script ready to go. But this new format forced me to find a new way for Avocato to face the crimes of his past. I wanted to put a face to it too and found the way in was in the form of Little Cato’s grandfather. This old weathered Ventrexian who witnessed the death of his family but also the fall out of those event just felt right to me. There's a scene in Two Towers that I always loved it's when the elf Haldir is dying and looks around the battle field of Helm’s Deep and sees dead bodies all around him. It was so unsettling and it stuck with me after all these years haha I know I'm a nerd. I know it’s impossible to capture that feeling in a graphic novel but I at least wanted to nod to LOTR as Avocato is forced to walk the ruins of this world. Anyways a little insight into my thinking….so much more to go! Onwards! -Olan

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