June 2nd

Happy Final Space Friday!

I officially signed the paperwork for the license deal this week, so we're all systems go legally. This week was slow, with lots of organizing and meeting scheduling, it has been a challenge trying to link up with Daz, who's on Australia time, but I have him working on another piece of the previous on. Once I do link up, I'll officially make him an offer, which then I'll have to draft a contract up...boring stuff, I know.

I have also started writing; this stage really is an idea dump; I mean everything that I've held on to that I was hoping to touch on to unused ideas that are still good. I want all of it in one place so I can figure out what I want to use and not use.

I'm also about to enlist some new Final Space music to be made, mainly because music helps me SO MUCH creatively when I write. I also love the idea of a companion album to this novel so much. So I'm going to get this started sooner than later.

LOTS more soon! This is going to be a marathon! I'm excited! Onwards!


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