June 7th

Happy Final Space Friday! Lots going on so need to keep this short since I'm in the middle of writing the biggest part the Final Chapter. Here are some pages I wanted to share, a few from our new inker @ChiaraIac


I think she's doing awesome! Das did the penciling on Part 3 and Chiara came in and with very little time is killing it. The last page is from which as always he's just a monster at this. Noah is on Part 4 and I saw the thumbs pass he did on it and so excited with how he's doing. Part 4 is going to look awesome! I also started do the editing pass on the "Previously Ons" I'll be cutting a few pages to stream line this but it's looking awesome! Alright I need to get back to work but onwards!! -Olan PRE-ORDER: finalspaceends.com

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