June 9th

Hey everyone!
This has been a productive and crazy week; first off, I scratched my eye, so for the majority of the week, I could barely look at a computer screen for longer than 30 seconds because my eye was so sensitive. I mean I had an abrasion dead center of my eye; it was so stupid that it happened, but it involved an outdoor rug...(cough...cough) I mean a 15-foot robot python that attacked me, and its deadly venom got in my eyes. (nods) Yeah! That's what happened!

Anyways, Daz is working on the next set of test pages for the "Previously On" which is the end of season 3. (adding his sketches), And I've tested a colorist that I'm going to be pairing up with Daz to form "Team 1" He sent me his test pages, and I really love what I saw.

So, I'm now on the hunt for a "Team 2" The good news is I'm going to have these Team 1 meet, and we can really start on the "Previously On" as a way to warm up while I write the Final Chapter.

I'm also setting a meeting with the place I meet up with in Los Angeles, and I'm going to be using them (I just need to iron out a few details). So Team One and the access to graphic novel manufacturers and a shipping warehouse that can handle all of this are about to be locked in!

And I have started writing :) So Here we go!!

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