March 1st

Happy Final Space Friday! Lots to update. First,
@daztibbles has thumbed out the PART ONE, and it's coming in around 55 pages. That, with the PREVIOUSLY ON pages, were already well over 100 pages and the adventure has just started. Now, PART TWO & THREE are written. PART FOUR has started being written; These PARTS are a little shorter than PART ONE, so every "chapter/ PART" won't be the same page count. That said, there is a reality this goes past my estimated page count.
It will be pretty chunky. Okay, now PART TWO, is focused on ASH; seriously, this is such a cool chapter, and it's something we would never have been able to do in the show. This chapter showed me the power of telling a story through a graphic novel. Excited to see how this PART gets inked. It's surprising, different and parallels so nicely with something that has happened on the show. You'll never guess where this goes, don't even try. :) PART THREE focuses on.....ehh I'll save that for another time. :) Also, a side note: I'm very aware of spoilers; anything I post is meant to update but also throw you off the trail of any major spoilers (which I will not post) So, I have a couple of pages to share with you; it will start some conversation for sure. First off, HOLY CRAP! A new character for the first time in years! Second, the person you're seeing this is LITTLE CATO's grandfather; this was a character many of you heard me mention on twitter during S2 and S3. I will say this: he will be lots of people's new favorite character. So, over the coming weeks, we should start to get an idea of how fast we can move. A lot of the heavy lifting right now is on Daz. The man is a machine! So, if you have time send him some encouraging words as he makes his way through inking PART ONE. Lastly, we just released the PRE-ORDER for the black and white edition of the novel, aka the MIDNIGHT EDITION. Once those are gone, they are gone for good. If you got the color version, you're good! You don't need this version; this is for those who really like black and white, like me. I think it makes everything more dramatic but that's just me. If you pre-ordered a novel and want this edition as well, use the discount code KVNSUCKS to take 25% off of it.

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