May 17th

Happy Final Space Friday! Got some penciled pages to show off from
@daztibbles he currently penciling Part 3 (our new inker will be inking these pages) Daz will then move on to what might be Part 5. I added one page from the next cold open Noah is on, he has one or two more to do and then he's on to Inking Part 4, which I'm finishing up writing on. Other than that not much to show off that isn't a spoiler. We just broken down the proper order of the "previously ons" and have been doing lots of organizing, like relabeling the files so we can get our letterer started.
This might be the most mind numbing thing haha We call it doing "housework" so we're doing lots of housework. Also placed the order for 30,000 custom shipping packages. It's a little ahead but wanted to get it out of the way. (collapses) Onwards. -Olan PRE-ORDER:

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