October 6th

Happy Final Space Friday! Got some Quinn and Ash (five-year-jump concepts) As always, none of these designs have been selected for what will appear in the novel as of yet; this is all an exploratory phase. You'll see some big swings here and there.

Okay, with that said! I love this direction for Quinn. One of the biggest things I was against in the show was turning Quinn into Nightfall. I just didn't like it; It felt like we were stripping a character of their identity. Although I appreciate the idea behind it, Nightfall was a different version of Quinn, not our Quinn. So I wanted a design that sort of honored Nightfall but moved Quinn back into her being Quinn. I love the subtle scar of removing the device on her head and incorporating aspects of Nightfall in her design, colors, weapon, and part of her helmet as goggles (Noah did fantastic on it!) Also, breaking Quinn away from the same hairstyle we had in the show is such a fun thing to see. Overall, there's so much to like here.

Now Ash! This direction is interesting; I know I wanted to return to the long hair; it felt iconic to Ash. This was another thing I wasn't big in the show, which was changing her hairstyle; granted, I understand why it was done, but I love the flowyness of her hair. "A" seems a tad to much, but "B" feels solid. We most likely will do another pass on her, but this is a great first pass. Daz is currently on S2 recap! I have other concept artists working on worlds, resistance fighters, and a slew of other things, so when it's time to start the Final Chapter, we have lots of art to pull from! So this is an exciting time! Sit back and enjoy the art dump! :)

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