February 16th

Here are the first pages of the Final Chapter. Were officially on all NEW stuff. It's crazy to be here, I knew this was going to be a long project when I started. It's so cool to see these characters again in something that hasn't been seen before. A NEW moment in the story huge shoutout to
@daztibbles brother! you're a godsend! Thank you for being apart of this project! I'm having a blast, but I can't really articulate how stressful this whole thing has been, haha. It's so daunting because it's such a large project. I constantly feel like I'm behind. The recap of the first three seasons is over 60 pages. Those took so long, really just trying to figure out the design language, but also, every page of those 60 + pages is a splash page; it's bonkers!
Every page is insane! And Daz was only working part-time on this. We're now on the timeline of 12 pages per week, so it's about to really get moving! It will take a minute to hit that mark since we were just getting into this new gear. Another thing: a while back, I spoke about a little loophole I found in the contract. It says I couldn't do any digital copies or voices or animation. There isn't really anything that says I can't making a video of the graphic novel pages that has music and sound effects to it. It's like a lookbook video, like what I did with this video. I think that could be cool. So I'm researching what it will take to do something like that down the line, but right now, it's just writing and getting this bad boy done!

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