February 23rd

Happy Final Space Friday! We're making good progress on the Final Chapter! WANT TO SEE SOME SICK PAGES?! Of course you do!
@daztibbles continues to blow me away.
Off of these pages alone, I decided I'm going to do a small limited run of an ALL-BLACK AND WHITE version of the graphic novel called the "MIDNIGHT VERSION." The main novel will be all vibrant colors, but honestly, I just want an all-black and white for myself, haha. I'll put it up for pre-order probably next week. I currently have outlines for the first three chapters. Also, for the sake of saying "chapter" too much, I'm going to call these chapters "PARTS," so for PART 1-3 of the Final Chapter. I'm currently dancing around the idea of spotlighting individual characters in these PARTS to cover more ground on the story. I'm excited about how it's working out. I have a few concerns, and I may throw this whole idea out, but having everything converge towards the middle to the end is making it much more exciting. I want to make sure the Team Squad is together as much as possible, but there are also so many story threads that are left lingering for each character. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and I'm trying to put a moment or two in each PART that will leave everyone griping this book tighter and smiling from ear to ear. I have a stockpile of things to share, but for now, I'm going to spotlight these two new pages. I'll have more next week! I'll tease you with this for next week (possibly) "grandfather"

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