January 23rd

Happy Final Space Friday! Got some new pages from
@daztibbles from the last bit of S3 recap.
Had a great meeting with Noah and Daz about starting the Final Chapter pages and getting them on the same page as far as design style. It was cool to see them pretty much use the same brushes on their own work, but also to see that these guys are going to work really well with each other. Still, there is a lot to do on scheduling and organizing, so once everything gets going, everyone knows what to do. I'll be sending Noah the first pages of one of the cold opens at the beginning of next week. We were off to the races! Daz will follow shortly behind him in the first main chapter of the book. Val is about to start coloring S3, but everything is starting to take shape! I'm so excited! More soon! But right now it's work mode!

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