July 14th

Hey everyone! Got some updates for you!

First off, we're still plugging away on the "previously on" Final Space that recaps everything before the Final Chapter. So far, we have the entire recap of Season 1 written and working on Season 2.

I'm going to add a little tease of what the writing for the "previously on" will be like; keep in mind it's from the voice of Kevin Van Newton, the creator of KVN.

Like, imagine this coming from a terminal that almost transcribed the ramblings of Kevin Van Newton. There WILL be art for the terminal interweaving with the recap pages from the show, but I don't have it yet. I want to keep this part very fun, and I guarantee you will find yourself laughing a bit through this as I blast a few things wrong with the show in a cheeky Final Space way. Just wait for the Season 2 recap haha

Overall this has been so fun! And it's been healing knowing this won't be forgotten, and these episodes will be remembered through this book. I can't thank all of you enough; I know this part wasn't a part of the pitch for the graphic novel, but I wanted to add more value to this; realistically, this may add somewhere between 30 to over 60 pages to the book.

Adding as well the pencil drawing for the upcoming John Goodspeed "Good enough for Me" scene.

I also told Daz @daztibbles to begin working on the characters with a five-year-jump in mind (I know this is a big info nugget). This may or may not happen, but to tell everything I want to tell at some point, there may have to be a time jump. I've discussed this before; even if a last season of Final Space was going to happen, I was thinking of doing this.

So you'll be seeing this art probably sooner than later. I'm going to keep 99.9% of the story under wraps. But I also want to bring all of you a long for the ride since you're the investors of this graphic novel. This is going to be a long journey, but it's my mission to defy expectations of how to tell a fantastic conclusion in this format. I'm going to experiment with a few ideas. One is how to really incorporate music with this; I can see a version where this doesn't happen. I could keep rambling but until next time!! -O

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