June 23rd

Happy Final Space Friday!

In the beginning, a lonely prisoner wanders an empty ship in the Toro Nebula, unknowingly about to start an adventure of a lifetime...here are some new pages of where this whole thing started. I LOVE these pages; it really captures the look and feel of Season 1. I wanted to see how the comedy could translate into these graphic novel pages. I get increasingly more excited the more the "previously on" take life.

On "The Final Chapter" story, I've begun to think about all the stories I've seen or read that really stuck the landing in their conclusion. I think two films/books stuck the landing, "Toy Story 3" and "Lord of The Rings: Return of the King," I would love to hear your thoughts and the satisfying endings you've seen.

Those two stand out for me; they give you that indescribable feeling of needing to start the whole thing again because you don't want it to end. I love and hate that feeling! I also love how they wrapped everything and everyone up, and it's sad, but it's this happy-sadness, and most importantly, it's hopeful. I'm chasing those feelings while trying to defy expectations; it's an exciting challenge.

I'm hoping in about two-three months will be done with the "Previously On" for the graphic novel, and I'll have some written pages to start jumping into The Final Chapter. Lots more soon!!

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