June 30th

Hey everyone! Happy Final Space Friday!

Going to keep this update super short as I only have the use of one eye at the moment…so turns out if you end up getting an abrasion on your eye, you can get something called recurrent corneal erosion, which, believe me, is as fun and as painful, as it sounds. And yeah, I was lucky enough to get chosen for this prize of eye suck-age.

So for the moment, I need to let my eye heal by keeping it closed; there is a chance I'll need laser repair surgery if it keeps coming back. 

However, enough about eyeballs! The graphic novel is full steam ahead; I was actually writing a good bit this week. I've gotten some new inked pages for the "Previously On" from Daz. Ignore the lettering for now, it's just a placeholder, but I'm very excited about what he's turning in. 

I've also hired Ben Bjelajac, the show's supervising director, to help develop a visual mood board for each of the new chapters to help the artists visually as we journey into new story territory. 

We probably have about two more months of "Previously On" work before we start concepting on all new stuff. :)

More soon!


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