November 17th

Happy Final Space Friday!

Yesterday was a bummer seeing the date the show would be gone off Netflix International, but we just gotta keep pushing forward on the novel! Right now, we are making great progress on everything; we're blasting through the Season 3 recap (new pages attached) by @daztibbles

Concept art is about to shift out of the main cast into side characters, like Resistance fighters, Ventrexian soldiers, and a bunch of other things that are spoilers. Val is making great progress through coloring Season 1 recap pages. On the more boring side, I'm starting to wrap my head around shipping all of these and figuring out the best way to pack and ship. I've ordered 60,000 ft of custom Final Space packing tape for the easy-fold mailers that the novels will go in. I mean, 60,000 feet is A LOT of tape! We have a basement at Star Cadet that we are using for storage, and I think we will build it into a warehouse for this operation. I can't use the upstairs; the entire floor would collapse. I mean, we're talking pallet trucks, work tables, pallet lifts, and reconstruction of the back door to the business to offload hundreds of pallets when it's all said and done. Thousands upon thousands of mailers, packing slips, and everything that it takes to deliver these novels safely to all of you. You have to think years ahead on these types of projects. These are those logical stuff that I was worried about, and don't even get me started on taxes! Honestly, it feels daunting doing it alone, but I know this journey will be worth it. I'm contacting the right people to consult on all of this. I'll update you on the build-out of our basement as we begin working.


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