November 3rd

Happy Final Space Friday! Lots to Update! First, this will be a two-part update because I'm talking to Noah later today to get the next character concepts. Second, we FINISHED inking with the S2 recap and are moving to S3! Now, I just have to do some housekeeping and organize all the files for coloring.
Third, I know a lot of you will probably want to pre-order the novel for a friend or family member for Christmas, so I've been thinking of what physical thing I can do for this that stays within my deal. So I purchased 2000 custom physical gift cards with a custom gift holder; these will be up for Black Friday. It would be for anyone wanting a gift for someone this Christmas. It's a tiny thing, but I'll sign them, and they look pretty cool. Attached is a shot of the gift card holder; cards are still being made but they are images from the graphic novel. I'll let you know when they will be available.
Fourth, I've been filming the journey of this so far and should have the first Final Diary (working name haha because it's so original). I've just been so swamped with Godspeed that I haven't had time to finish editing it. Fifth, color is making significant headway. We have a bit of a head start on Val, but that was done on purpose. He'll catch up to us in no time.
And then, finally, below is what I think might be my favorite page Daz has ever done; I mean, the crinkle of the page is down right next level.
As always, the journey is long, but we are making progress every day!

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