Sept. 1

Happy Final Space Friday! Hey everyone, I've got some new pages to share.

Overall, we're making lots of significant progress through pages but also wrangling up new artists to start on a huge amount of concept art for the Final Chapter. Next week, I'm going out of town, but the week after, I've already scheduled meetings with graphic novel artists, colorists, and even old final space artists. Before we jump into the Final Chapter, the goal is to build a catalog of new environments and locations to pull from and a visual guide for our new character designs. This process will speed things along, so Daz or team two doesn't have to use their brain power on what a location or character looks like; they can jump right into the story. So, there is a level of pre-production we will do with this novel. The good news is we must have lots of art to show off. I'm excited! There is much more to show in the coming weeks, but enjoy some battle pages for now! :) Olan

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