Sept. 8

Happy Final Space Friday. First, I'm about to hop on an 8-hour plane trip back to the USA, so I will update as much as I can before boarding starts. I have a few new pages to share and a few ideas I've been considering after the novel is completed. 


Slow Clap for Daz is doing a killer double page for the novel. It's super cool! Next week, I'm meeting up with a bunch of artists and colorists, so I'll be starting the process of trying to find our team 2. I want to be done with all the new concepts and "previously-on" pages by the end of the year so that we can focus on the Final Chapter at the top of the year.  Now, I've been reviewing my licensing deal, and there is A LOT that I can't do (and I've been over a good portion of it), but there are a few things that I can do, and it would take a lot of planning on my end. I want to increase the value of the novel by enhancing the experience.

1. LIVE TABLE READ: A live table read with the cast could be possible. I can't do any voice recording for the novel or any animation. Now, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up on this; there are many moving pieces to this, like organizing the whole thing with all the actor's reps and whatnot. I'm 99% sure I can get the majority of the cast. I'm going to look into this after the novel is complete. If I can figure it out, my hope is to livestream the whole thing and email the link to anyone who ordered the novel. Make a big celebration event out of it!

2. INTERNATIONAL MEETUP TOUR: An international meetup tour! I'm going to look into the planning/cost to see how possible it would be, but I would travel the world and meet as many of you as possible at local comic book shops. This would be after the novel has come out, but the graphic novel would serve as your ticket. And I could bring a limited amount of copies to these events to sell. Lots of moving pieces to this but I think this with be a added bonus to having the talk, we can hang and talk all thing Final Space. I have one other big idea, but I will wait to say anything on. I'm going to continue to brainstorm, but that's where my head is right now. All and all I’m just grinding away on a lot of behind the scenes things.


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