October 13th

Okay, so here's the latest update. Let's start with Pass 2 on Little Cato. The idea behind this version was to beef him up a bit more and make a more reluctant king. I like this direction a lot more; even looking at it, it feels like Little Cato more.

KVN! He was fun. I gave two notes: what would KVN look like if Biskit fixed him up to be excellent, and what would it look like if he was holding on to the threads of life with his last breath! Mission accomplished, I actually can't decide which direction to go haha, but C makes me laugh so hard. Daz is onto Season 2 recap, and WOW! Some of these pages are next-level! You can see how we're going to handle Season 2 a bit differently; each page is more of a collage of the events compared to Season 1.

I have been printing out every page we've done so far for the Season 1 recap, and I'm ensuring we have everything we need, but also, how does it look? What's the page size look like printed out? I've burned through SOOO many ink cartridges, but it's all worth it! The next step is to package all these pages up to be colored; I'll be doing that this weekend. Overall, we're getting lots done! Still, so much to do! Next week will be a video update! -Olan

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