October 21st

Happy Final Space Friday! Hey everyone! Lots of progress is being made! We're about halfway through the Season 2 recap and will probably be moving on to a couple of fill-in pages for Season 1 and then to Season 3! AND THEN! Our cold open to the Final Space, again, I'm approaching this graphic novel-like animation, so I love the idea of starting this whole thing off with a bang right where we left off in Season 3. I've started to outline this, and we'll probably start on this hopefully by the end of December. I'm including some of the latest pages from Daz.

Now, I've been outlining and bouncing ideas around for the Final Chapter, and I REALLY like the direction this is shaping up to go in. I'm filming a lot of behind-the-scenes on this whole process, and when you see it, you'll understand how and why this is the path I'm taking. I have one moment in particular that everyone will flip out over. With that said!!! Tribore in five years concept art and Biskit!

We wanted to keep these characters fun. haha And I think I got everything I need out of these characters to move on to the next ones. PREORDER THE FINAL CHAPTER: finalspaceends.com

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