October 27th & 30th & 31st


Happy Final Space Friday! First and foremost! We're about done with the S2 recap, and @daztibble should be moving on to the S3 recap pages in the coming weeks. We have to do some backtracking to fill in a few between pages for these recaps so I can leave some of the more beautiful pages text-free. The plan is to do couple more angles and pages of our broken-down KVN/Kevin Van Netwon narrator. I'm adding some of the recent pages, from Daz has done for S2. Noah is currently out of town, so no character designs this week, but when he comes back, we should have some more characters to show off. I have sent all of the S1 recap pages to one of our colorists Val to start coloring. Overall, it's starting to feel like we're full steam ahead; things are starting to really click. As always, I'll have more soon!

I mean YO! @daztibbles this is INSANE! Another AMAZING DOUBLE PAGE! The closer you look the more you see! Had to share this early! Okay, let’s get this Monday started.



I know it’s TUESDAY! But our first colored pages from one of our colorist (Valerio Alloro) have started to come in. I LOVE them. I wanted the colors to pop and have high contrast and he nailed it. It’s really coming together!  

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